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What is the IU College Luminaries Program?

The Luminaries Program connects current College of Arts and Sciences students with prominent College alumni. In their role as Luminaries, these alumni guide current students along personal and professional pathways, preparing the next generation of leaders for their lives after college.

Through its annual Fall Forum and other functions throughout the year, the Luminaries Program invites College of Arts and Sciences alumni back to campus to serve as Luminaries. While on campus, Luminaries participate in classroom talks, panel discussions, small-group interactions, and one-on-one meetings with students and faculty.

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“I can't imagine a more positive or rewarding way to reconnect with Indiana University.”
Jamie Ponce, 2014 Luminary

Who selects the Luminaries?

Each February, the Luminaries Program Council — a governing body of nine students — selects individuals from the College's 150,000 living alumni to serve as Luminaries in the fall.

Through their educational and professional backgrounds, these Luminaries represent each academic division of the College of Arts and Sciences: Media; Arts and Humanities; Social and Historical Sciences; Natural and Mathematical Sciences; and Global and International Studies.

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What do the Luminaries do while on campus?

While visiting campus, each Luminary has his or her own team of Hoosier Hosts. These teams are comprised of current Arts and Sciences students.

Throughout all of their functions on campus, Luminaries share their advice, insights, and perspective on leading successful, meaningful lives. In doing so, the Luminaries model the ways in which a liberal arts education can lead to many different careers and forms of success.

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Lighting paths for future leaders

The Luminaries Program is more than a career-development opportunity for students. It's a way for today's innovators and tomorrow's leaders to come together and sustain lifelong commitments to the College of Arts and Sciences and to each other.

The program was established by — and is funded through — the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Board.

Today's innovators meet tomorrow's leaders

In creating connections between prominent alumni and current students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Luminaries Program enriches the lives of all its participants, both personally and professionally.

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