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Luminaries Communications and Marketing Task Force

The Luminaries Communications and Marketing task force is a group of students dedicated to promoting the College Luminaries Program.

The task force offers students a number of opportunities to get involved. Students interested in graphic design, video, and photography can use the Luminaries Program to build their professional portfolios, while also taking advantage of alumni interactions. Those interested in social media can gain experience in global targeting, pre-planned messaging, management of editorial calendars, and much more.

Finally, students interested in writing can be members of the program's website development team, which is responsible for creating Luminary biographies, articles on events, and editorial features that focus on the Luminaries program as a whole.

Everyone who participates in the task force has the added bonus of exclusive access to private events with returning Luminaries.

Website Content Management

Members tasked with this responsibility update the Luminaries website with news and events, and also write articles. In doing so, they gain experience in content management systems, time management, and editorial composition.

Students pursuing degrees in web design or digital content development are especially good candidates for this position.

Social Media

Students who manage the program's social media are tasked with updating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with news and events. These students gain valuable public relations skills and learn how to create a social media presence as well as manage content creation.

Ideal candidates are inventive, proactive, outgoing, and are also able to write succinct, engaging content.


Each year, this position is responsible for creating five welcome videos focused on the incoming Luminaires. This task offers excellent experience in video editing, production, and project management.

Students who are personable and already experienced in videography are great fits for this role.


This individual is responsible for documenting program events and processing photography for use online and in print. The position offers the opportunity to hone your photography skills, build a portfolio, and work with photographs in a number of different mediums.

Those pursuing degrees in the Fine Arts and those who have experience with photography and visual aesthetics are great fits for this responsbility.

Graphic Design

While working within the College of Arts and Sciences brand, this position is responsible for creating print and online promotional materials. It offers the chance to build a design portfolio, sharpen your graphic design skills, and gain experience in broader brand management.

Like the program's photographer and videographer, students pursuing a degree in the Fine Arts and already boast some related experience are ideal candidates for this role.

2017-2018 Luminaries Communications and Marketing Task Force

  • Gabriella Altchek

    Media Advertising + Creative Industry Management 2019

  • Julia Bourkland

    Political Science + LAMP 2019

  • Haley Cook

    Journalism 2018

  • Celia Grubba

    Journalism + Public Relations 2019

  • Sarah Hunker

    Media Advertising + Public Relations 2018

  • Alexis Jenkins

    Theatre + Communication and Culture 2017

  • Simin Zhang

    Journalism + Public Relations + Economics 2017

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