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Why get involved with the College Luminaries Program?

The College Luminaries Program provides students with the opportunity to meet and converse with highly accomplished alumni from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Through these alumni interactions, students gain career insights, professional development, and often advocates who can help advise them after graduation.

Students can get involved with the Luminaries Program through one of the program's groups: the Luminaries Program Council and the Hoosier Hosts.

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“Through the program, I gained invaluable advice from alumni who had also made the jump from Indiana to LA, along with pro tips on how to get the ever-important 'foot in the door' at major media companies.”
Madison Kesler, Class of 2015

Luminaries Program Council

The Luminaries Program Council consists of eleven students who lead and direct the planning of the Luminaries Program.

The council is in charge of budgeting, marketing, student recruitment, and Luminary selection. Council members also participate in networking and professional development events leading up to the Luminaries weekend.

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Hoosier Hosts

Hoosier Hosts are enthusiastic, dedicated student leaders who serve as the visiting Luminaries' liaisons.

These hosts accompany the Luminaries around campus, as well as attend special functions featuring the Luminaries during the program's two-day event in the fall.

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If you have questions about the Luminaries Program or any of its groups, please let us know.

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