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Luminaries Program Council

The Luminaries Program Council consists of nine students who lead and direct the planning of the Luminaries Program.

The council is in charge of budgeting, marketing, program development, student recruitment, Luminary selections, and hosting the program's distinguished alumni guests. Council members also participate in networking and professional development events throughout the year.

Possible positions include program co-directors, host co-chairs, communications and marketing co-directors, treasurer, and various programming and scheduling positions.

All of these roles offer students the exclusive opportunity to make lasting impressions on the alumni base, while also providing practical work experience in leadership, planning, budgeting, and more.

“College of Arts and Sciences alumni — and current students — are a special sort of people, not only in their dedication to learning but also in their dedication to each other.”
Rick Van Kooten, Executive Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Program Council Co-Directors

The program's co-directors oversee all aspects of the College Luminaries Program. Effective management, multi-tasking, interviewing, communication, and big-picture thinking are key to these positions.

Ideal co-directors should have some leadership experience and should show great dedication and professionalism in everything they do. Often, these students also have previous experience the Luminaries Program Council.

Programming and Scheduling

Students tasked with this aspect of the Luminaries Program assist with event scheduling, contact with the Luminaries, event management, and coordination with other IU units.

These students should be skilled at professional writing, networking, and organization, and they should be outgoing, detail-oriented, professional, and prompt.


The treasurer administers the program’s finances, which includes creating financial feasibility studies, tracking and allocating program expenses, developing the program's long-range financial strategy, and providing financial insight to the program's governing committee. 

 Applicants should have an interest in financial planning or budgeting, have experience with excel, and ideally be outgoing, articulate, and confident.

Hoosier Hosts Co-chairs

The co-chairs of the Hoosier Hosts mentor and teach a group of students about professional development.

These students should be talented at leadership and management, and ideally, they should be outgoing, articulate, and confident.

Learn more about the Hoosier Hosts

Luminaries Communications and Marketing Co-Chairs

These students oversee and manage all marketing for the Luminaries weekend event. They must be skilled in project management, media creation, networking, and event management.

Ideal candidates for these co-chairs are people who have had experience with leadership roles, different forms of media, and professional development.

2019-2020 Luminaries Program Council

  • Haley Kempker

    German + Linguistics 2020

  • Gowthaman Manikandan

    Human Biology and Management 2022

  • Amrit Parihar

    Chemistry 2020

  • Marria Peduto

    International Studies + Chinese 2022

  • Zain Siddiqui

    Biology 2022

  • Sona Singh

    Psychology + Religious Studies 2020

  • Ruhan Syed

    Political Science 2022

  • Vanessa Cloe

    Program Advisor

Apply to the Luminaries Program Council

Be a part of something big. As a member of the Luminaries Program Council, you can help enhance the student experience at IU — and gain valuable, resume-building experience for yourself, too.

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