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Kenneth Buechler

Co-Founder — Biosite Incorporated (currently known as Alere Inc.)

Kenneth F. Buechler (BA, Chemistry, 1975; PhD, Biochemistry, 1981) is the co-founder of Biosite Incorporated, currently known as Alere Inc.

He served as president and chief scientific officer and is a co-inventor of multiple proprietary technologies that have advanced rapid point-of-care medical diagnostics.

Examples include the Triage Cardiac Panel, the Triage ProfilER Shortness of Breath Panel, the Triage BNP Test, the Triage Drugs of Abuse Panel and the Triage Meter Plus platform.

Under his leadership, Biosite commercialized the first immunoassay to measure B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP), which in turn revolutionized how physicians diagnose and evaluate patients with congestive heart failure.

In 2015, the University of California, San Diego, honored him for this specific advancement in cardiovascular care.

Prior to forming Biosite, Dr. Buechler was a senior research scientist at Hybritech Inc., where he was the project leader for cardiac biomarker assays. Additionally, he was responsible for the design and synthesis of reagents for use in the first rapid, visual pregnancy test, the ICON hCG.

Dr. Buechler is currently the chairman of the boards of Quidel Corporation and Sequenom Inc. He also is a director of Sotera Wireless Inc., Edico Genome Inc., and Astute Medical Inc.

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