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Jeffrey Rothenberg, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer and Academic Physician — St. Vincent Hospital

Jeffrey Rothenberg (B.S. ’85, Cell Biology) is an academic physician (OBGYN) with a graduate background in biophysics research. Clinically, his career has focused on gynecological surgery and care for high-risk pregnancies, particularly HIV care. He has been an influential leader in the medical profession in both his former and current positions. Rothenberg has previously served as president of the IU School of Medicine’s medical staff and as chief medical officer (CMO) of University Hospital. Currently, he is the CMO of five St. Vincent hospitals, executive director for medical education, president of the St. Vincent College for Health Professions, and District 5 chairman for the American College of OBGYN.

In one word, Rothenberg would describe his educational journey at IU as diverse. Throughout his career, Rothenberg has developed an interest and expertise in integrating the arts and humanities into medical education. To him, fusing these two pillars will lead to more empathetic and humanistic healers and would underline the value of interdisciplinary education. Even with his involved and successful career, Rothenberg still finds time to enjoy his other passion: glass art.

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