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Katie Conovitz

Founder and CEO — twelveNYC

Tireless, hustling, and fearless, Katie Conovitz (BS, 1998) is the CEO, founder, and spiritual leader of twelveNYC. She is driven by a life‐long fierce independence, urge to carve a unique path, and tell new stories. Raised in the Midwest, Katie came to New York City to launch her career in the Bloomingdale’s buying office. After gaining experience in the fashion, retail and promotional industries, she founded twelveNYC in 2005. “I’m fueled by challenges, passion, and the idea of endless possibilities,” Katie says. “twelveNYC was born of that fire and it’s still at our core.”

Operating from three continents, twelveNYC is recognized as one of the top creative product development and sourcing agencies in the world. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, twelveNYC expanded to Hong Kong in 2013 and London in 2017. Through hard work and an unwavering determination, Katie has grown her company to a multi-million-dollar business, with a projected revenue of $40 million in 2019. twelveNYC is also proudly 100% women-owned, with a 91% female make-up of their 75+ global employees. Through a highly creative and collaborative approach, twelveNYC is a strategic partner through each step of the product development process, from the creative seed to the final delivery. Katie and the 12 team scour the world to find what’s new and what’s next – delivering everything from global trend presentations, material edits, the newest innovations in sustainability and a fresh point of view. Since its inception fourteen years ago, twelveNYC has built long-term partnerships, resulting in innovative, dynamic product executions, with some of the world’s most covetable brands, including Estee Lauder, Glossier, Anthropologie, Sephora, Bloomingdales, SoulCycle, and more.

Katie lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Brandon (twelveNYC’s Global COO), and their four children. Katie earned her Bachelor of Sciences degree in Apparel Merchandising from Indiana University in 1998, and accounts much of her success as a businesswoman to her midwestern roots and time spent at Indiana University.

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