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Student Success Story: Anna Marie Farlow

Anna Marie Farlow went from envisioning herself in the world of dentistry to becoming a scientist. This past summer, Farlow earned an internship with the Eli Lilly Company.

The Fortune 500 company, located in Indianapolis, develops pharmaceuticals and has 17 additional domestic and international locations. Farlow worked in the manufacturing and quality center, where the pharmaceuticals were made.

"I was with sterility insurance team. Their sole function was to make sure their product was safe... my project was focused on collected endotoxin samples," Farlow said.

With that, Farlow said they had to make sure that the product was sterile in order for it to be sent out of the company. She said that she found out about the internship through the College of Arts and Sciences Walter Center for Career Achievement and had interviews early in the year. Because it was through the Walter Center, Farlow said that Lilly only does on-campus recruiting for student interns.

Along with working in a lab all day, Farlow expresses her love for the company through all the great people she said she met.

"It was really nice because it was like freshman year of college because you were with the interns all year," Farlow said. She also said that her passion for science has driven her to work in the field with Lilly specifically after graduation. One thing she expressed was how much she grew into her technical writing as a scientist.

With all the great people she said she met along the way, her favorite thing was the company culture and how everyone came from different backgrounds.

"It was really interesting to see their [workers] career paths," Farlow said.

The impact that Lilly had on Farlow’s life over the summer coincides with all that she had learned through the College Luminaries Program.

"The opportunity to join Luminaries has been the best part of my college career. It's let me form wonderful connections with alumni, other students, our organization sponsor and I feel as though I've been able to really understand what the College of Arts and Sciences stands for," Farlow said. "Beyond that, I think Luminaries has given me a lot of professional skills and increased my confidence in those professional settings."

Farlow explains that the Luminaries program has not only given her a lot of professional skills in the workplace, but has helped her increase her network and gain confidence.

"As my intended career path has changed from continued schooling to going straight into the workforce, these soft skills have been invaluable to me and have helped me with interviews, networking with those at my internship, and selling my skills."