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Student Success Story: Samantha Strong

Samantha Strong wasn't expecting to get her dream job right out of college, but when she did, she couldn't have been more excited.

“I applied for my dream job on a whim last March, and I still have to pinch myself to realize this is my reality. Having the opportunity to work with such intelligent and accomplished individuals at FaegreBD is a dream come true.” Strong said.

Samantha is an advisor on the Health and Biosciences team at FaegreBD in Washington, D.C. Her job is to be the subject matter advisor. She spends most of her days “sifting through health system guidance and regulation and anticipating what legislation may be headed down the healthcare reform pipeline; integrated healthcare delivery, payment reform, and the transition from volume to value-based payment.”

Samantha attributes much of her success to her hard work here at IU. However, she also credits the Luminaries program for getting her to where she is now.

“This program shaped me professionally — it helped me hone my professional presence and confidence, while allowing me to practice leadership and poise in high-pressure situations.” Samantha is a former co-director of the program, and says it was an “integral component” of her career achievements now.

During her time in the program, Samantha was able to meet all of the alumni, including her future colleague, without knowing it. This exposure gave Samantha the confidence to move forward on her career path.

“Having the opportunity to be mentored by past Luminaries — and eventually become one’s colleague — greatly shaped my own career path and helped turn daunting life decisions into manageable stepping stones within this transitional season of life.”

Samantha can recount several memorable moments of her time in the Luminaries program, but the one that stands out to her most is one that proves just how hard Samantha worked during her time with the program.

“I will never forget that feeling of sweet relief when we finally had all of the Luminaries on campus, together, the first night of the weekend’s program and realized that we did this. This program taught me that the subtle, silent successes are often the most profound.”