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Annie Mejia

Content Developer — acm X-eBITS

Born and raised in Venezuela, Annie Mejia left home at 16 to study at Indiana University on scholarship. During her undergraduate career, she majored in Astronomy and double-minored in Math and Classical Studies. Graduating with her bachelors in 1997, Annie remained at IU to pursue her masters (2000) and doctoral degree (2004) in Astronomy.

Annie relocated to Seattle to take a post-doctoral position at the University of Washington in 2004 but soon after she accepted an exhibit development position at the Museum of Flight. In 2008, Annie had an opportunity to blend her interests in astronomy and exhibit development when she became the Exhibits and Outreach Specialist for the Palomar Observatory at Caltech. Today, Annie has lives in Germany and continues to develop exhibits independently under her label, acm X-eBITS.

Annie Mejia’s passion and career journey serves as a prime example of how a liberal arts education can truly enable students to merge all of their interests, eventually developing into a seasoned, independent professional with the profound capacity to pursue the work they love. Whether you are considering graduate school, love the sciences and the arts, or simply want to pave your own path, Annie Mejia’s story proves that it’s possible.

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