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Michael Gapen

US Chief Economist and Managing Director — Barclays

“Everyone, regardless of their place in our society, plays a role in and is impacted by the US economy.”

Michael Gapen is a Managing Director and Chief US Economist for Barclays. Based in New York, Mr. Gapen leads a team that is responsible for the firm’s outlook for the US economy and monetary and fiscal policy.  Prior to taking on this role, Mr. Gapen was a Senior US Economist and Asset Allocation Strategist for Barclays, where in addition to the US outlook Mr. Gapen took on additional responsibility for forming the firm’s asset allocation views and marketing them to clients.

Mr. Gapen joined Barclays in 2010 from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, where he was a Section Chief responsible for monetary and financial market analysis.  In that capacity, he assisted the Board and the FOMC in the formulation of monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s response to the financial crisis. Prior to that, he served as an Economist with the International Monetary Fund.  Mr. Gapen has also taught Finance and Economics at institutions including Kelly School of Business and Department of Economics at Indiana University, Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, and the Department of Economics at Johns Hopkins University. He is a member and officer of the Forecasters Club of New York.

Mr. Gapen holds a Ph.D. (2004) in economics from Indiana University.


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